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Map updates and products for Cascada / 2016 / RADIO NAVI 650

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£ 89.00

NAVI 650 Eastern Europe - 2017

This new map includes 6 457 026 km of roads and 2 571 147 points of interest to keep your NAVI 650 navigation system up to date.

WARNING! Model Year 2014 vehicles must have their software updated prior updating the map. Please read this important information before updating your system.
This Eastern Europe update is compatible with Eastern Europe vehicles only. Eastern Europe countries are listed in the coverage section. If you have a Western Europe vehicle, this update will cause permanent damages to your Navigation Unit. Please purchase the Western Europe map if you own a Western Europe vehicle.

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£ 89.00

NAVI 650 Western Europe - 2018

1 USB Stick covering Western Europe. This Opel Map Update covers 18 countries with newly updated data, including 3 587 252 POIs such as petrol stations, airports, hotels and restaurants.
 * Map data collected by HERE at the Q1/16.

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This update also includes refreshed data for the following features:

Environmental Zones indicates areas with environmental restrictions and provide alerts when certain vehicle types are prohibited

Basic 3D City Models displays accurate representations of buildings for an entire city area

Advanced 3D City Models provides textured three-dimensional models of buildings, roads, parks and rivers for an area of a city

3D Models of Prominent Landmarks offers improved orientation using three-dimensional models with photorealistic facades of major tourist attractions, transportation centres, tower blocks, historic buildings and more

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