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Siemens OpelNCDR/NCDC EU Pack v.2010-2011

Part number T1000-17432O


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From Sweden to Spain, from Ireland to Austria - this CD pack covers 24 countries of Europe. The road system that serves Europe is constantly developing and changing making accurate maps essential for anyone driving.

The new edition of HERE digital maps offers more than 6.9 million km's of road of coverage and 1.2 million points of interest from golf courses to theatres, and from hotels to car parks with clear accurate maps. This collection of all the latest editions of HERE digital maps is the perfect driving companion.

In the box

1) User Guide
2) A total of 8 CDs Opel NCDR/NCDC European Package v.2010-2011

CD 1 Alps
CD 2 Benelux
CD 3 France
CD 4 GB/Ireland
CD 5 Germany
CD 6 Italy
CD 7 Scandinavia
CD 8 Spain/Portugal

This product will not function in your navigation system until the system has been updated with the enclosed software CD.


Astra  (►03/2004)
Corsa (►09/2006)
Combo (►09/2004)
Meriva (►09/2004)
Omega (►08/2003)
Vectra (►09/2004)
Zafira A (►06/2005)
Vivaro (► 07/2006)

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